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The omega.6 further enhances the capabilities of the omega.3 base by introducing a high-precision pen-shaped end-effector to accurately capture the orientation of the hand. With a perfectly counter-balanced kinematic design around every degree-of-freedom, the pen combines performance, dexterity and elegance into one of the most accomplished haptic interfaces ever built. The high-precision 6 degrees-of-freedom kinematics interface features its own real-time embedded controller into a single package, adding to its versatility. This highly ergonomic end-effector makes the omega.6 a device of choice for dental training, medical robotics, or advanced tele-operation tasks which require operating dexterous robots remotely. The omega.6 is available in left- and right-hand configuration and can be integrated in a dual workstation setup for bimanual operation.



Unique Design Concept

Finely built around its unique parallel kinematics structure, the omega.x series is designed for performance. Its superior mechanical stiffness, combined with its real-time USB 2.0 controller, enables the rendering of high contact forces at a rate attaining 4 KHz. To provide the highest degree of haptic transparency, accurate gravity compensation is maintained in translation and orientation space by perfectly coupling passive and actuated components together. Each system is individually calibrated to ensure repeatable and optimal precision and performance. Its unique kinematics design perfectly decouples translations and rotations, enabling the omega.x base to accommodate various interchangeable end-effectors to meet every application requirement. To that end, Force Dimension also provides advanced technical support for dedicated applications that require custom end-effectors.


Application Development

A powerful SDK provides highly advanced control over all Force Dimension devices, including the omega.x and delta.x series, in both haptics and robotics mode. The Haptics SDK offers all the basic functions to read positions and to program desired forces in Cartesian space. Expanding these fundamental capabilities, the Robotics SDK leverages the Haptic SDK by introducing an advanced set of real-time routines to precisely control the position of the device. The Force Dimension SDK provides support for multi-threaded, multi-device programming and is available on a wide range of platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and QNX, in both 32- and 64-bits editions. The combination of both haptics and robotics capabilities into a single unified framework allows developers to create powerful collaborative interfaces between people and machines.


Force Dimension SDK




Swiss Design and Manufacturing

From precisely driving a catheter inside the heart of patient to finely operating a robotic manipulator in micro-gravity, Force Dimension has successfully integrated its haptics hardware and software technology into some of the most critical applications, where failure simply is not an option. To consistently meet such high standards, Force Dimension carefully controls every step involved in the design, engineering and manufacturing of all of its systems, and routinely works with some of the most qualified and talented R&D teams from a wide range of industries and research institutions. Over the years, these efforts have lead to the development of many exciting new applications with possibly some of the finest haptic devices ever made.


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